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Pet de Kat Krewe — A Loosely Disorganized, Professional Audience

The Pet de Kat Krewe is made up of music fanatics who gather in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest and many other occasions. You can find the PdKK where there’s live music playing! Local chapters of PdKK span the globe.

The mission of the Pet de Kat Krewe is Seek out Festivals, Support Live Music and Have FUN

Kat Shirts

Every year the Pet de Kat Krewe designs an original festive t-shirt. These shirts have a magical effect when worn at concerts, festivals or simply walking along the river. Someone may yell out “Where Y’at! Pet De Kat!” when they see you sporting a new PdKK shirt. Meet old friends and new in your Krewe shirt.

The Krewe meets annually during Jazz Fest in New Orleans for parties, crawfish boils and other gatherings. This is a great time to show off your new krewe shirts.

Legend of the Creole Cat
It all started in 1879, in a small town called Dekattrois, Louisiana. The myth of the Creole Cat transformed from legend to actuality. By the early 1900s, word spread all over Louisiana about a wild creature that put Dekattrois on the map.

Legend has it that a large cat would stalk the Dekattrois neighborhoods after the heat of summer would subside, and before the chill of winter would set in. Residents would swear that they were sober when they saw a cat, over six feet high they claim, walking up on its two hind legs, terrorizing children and dogs in its path. Later a crazed resident of Dekattrois caught the Creole Cat and put it up on a pole for all to see. When neighbors saw this huge cat mounted on a pole, they would come out and pet it. This gathering which happened a long time ago was later named Pole Cat day. Who knew at the time, but an annual tradition started in Dekattrois which led to the modern times Creole Cat Festival, held every October on the even year.” –Rudy Truax, Lafayette Historian

In 1922, the Creole Cat Festival became so popular that it was moved from Choctaw Park to Dekattrois Commons where a record setting 125,000 people attended in one day. On the third day of the festival a hurricane blew through and forced organizers to shut down. Dekattrois was hit with winds over 100 mph and severe flooding. Dekattrois Commons was totally devastated. We Will Rebuild was the towns response to nature. Dekattrois was never rebuilt, and eventually reclaimed by nature.

Dekattrois was founded as a stopping point for pioneers of the west. For decades the only commercial properties were a hotel, three bars and a blacksmith shoppe.

If you draw a straight line between Breaux Bridge and Mamou, you will see five lakes which appears as a paw print. Now follow these lakes due east twelve miles and you’ve found Dekattrois!


  • Diversity the promotion of demographic variety, cultural growth, and education through live music.
  • Environmental Integrity that we may promote a whole and harmonious environment.
  • Quality no schwag is the standard

The Pet de Kat Krewe is made up of music fanatics who gather in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest and any other occasion they can think of. Local chapters of PdKK span the USA and range from UAE to Tokyo, Japan to Baffen Island, Canada.

You may already be a member. We are a professional audience incorporating a loosly disorganized group of music lovers who’s credo is simple:

  • Seek Out Festivals
  • Support Live Music
  • Have Fun, but Not at Someone elses Expense

The PdKK continually seeks out great festivals at can be spotted at events around the world, including but not limited to:

  • New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
  • High Sierra Music Festival-Quincy, California
  • Arnone’s Crawfish Festival-Stanhope, New Jersey
  • Harvest Festival-Fairburn, Georgia
  • Bumbershoot-Seattle, Washington


Helpful hints for first timers and their Jazz Fest

Successful festing involves a little bit of planning. There are some very important do’s and don’ts that you will want to keep in mind to get the most of out your fest experience (and to keep your friends from having to drag your dehydrated butt around town all week).

This page is just a starting point. Lots of other kind folks have put together some very comprehensive hints pages.

Don’t be left holding the bag, check Jazz Fest’s admission policy. It can be a long walk back to your car or hotel to put away prohibited items(such as recording devices, oversized tarps, food, etc).

Where is this “Jazz Fest” held? The Heritage Fair portion of JazzFest takes place at the Fair Grounds Race Course, 1751 Gentilly Boulevard, about 10 minutes from the French Quarter. Hours of the Heritage Fair are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Evening Concerts are presented at various venues throughout the city. In addition, night clubs throughout the city book all the fantastic artists to play throughout the event. Check the Nightlife Grids (link below) for who’s playing where.

Getting to the Fest. Jazz Fest Express shuttle, city bus or taxi cab is the best option. Parking at and around the Fair Grounds is limited. If you do drive, be sure to know what is a legal parking spot, towing is strictly enforced. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Packing for the Fest. Check out what is on the kats packing list.

You will learn from personal experience what style of festing suits you best. Still, keep in mind a few important “do’s”:

DO drink water and plenty of it!

DO wear a hat!

DO drink more water!

DO put on liberal amounts of sun screen!

DO drink more water!!

DO have a lot of fun!

DO drink more water!!! (getting the point?)

DO take some time on Thursdays to check out the Crafts and other exhibits.

DO order the “large” and share with your friend

DO stash some toilet paper or tissues for bathroom breaks, 80K+ people can use up the daily supply.

DO check the forecast. There may be cool or rainy days (note that large trash bags fold up small, and work as makeshift rain coats)

Where there are do’s there are don’ts…

DON’T forget to be polite! It’s crowded for all of us!

DON’T forget to eat! The food is great and it helps keep your energy up! Order the large and share with a friend.

DON’T forget to listen to your body! Rest when you need to…

DON’T count on beer for your fluids, you WILL regret it…

DON’T forget to drink lots of water! (did you think we forgot?)

DON’T try to see everything on every stage. There are tons of bands playing and it’s impossible to see everything, and enjoy it too. Check out acts you haven’t heard before.

DON’T miss all the crafts. Master artisans show off their skills in the Louisiana Folklife Village, the marketplace in Congo Square, as well as the Heritage Square where Louisiana artists show off their wares.