Playlist 8/21/1999 CCMS

“August 21, 1999
All That: Private Party (Hollywood Florida)

Playlist 8/14/1999 CCMS

“August 14, 1999
All That: Little Peoples Place (Sousaphonk)
All That: Moby Dick (Upstart)
CJ Chenier: My Baby Don’t Wear No Sho (Arhoolie)
Coco Robicheaux: Weight Of The World (Orleans)
Crosscut: Louisiana Bound (CSP)
All That: T.Chapman (Upstart)
Doug Kershaw: Jambalaya (SusieQ)
Michael Foster Project: Kick Some Brass (Rampart)
Earl King: I’ll Take You Back Home (Blacktop)
L’il Malcolm: I’m Just A Little Boy (Maison Del Soul)
All That: Wolfs Remedy (Sousaphonk)
Lynn August: Love At First Sight (Blacktop)
Wild Magnolias: Party (Metro Blue)
Boozoo Chavis: Forty-one Days (Elektra)
Jeremy Lyons: Go Ahead Buddy (Lyons)
Harry Connick Jr: Come By Me (Columbia)
Beau Jocque: That’s My Car (Mardi Gras)
Bryan Lee: Automobile Blues (Justine Time)
Dr. John: Iko Iko (Great Southern)
Kevin Koike: You Was Wrong (Koike)
Kipori Baby Wolf Woods: Somebody Is Sleeping (Baby Wolf)
All That: Futuro (Upstart)
Tiny Town: Straight Up (PMG)
Marcia Ball: Let Me Play With Your Poo (Rounder)
Iguanas: Hey Sweet Darling (MCA)
Dirty Dozen: Pet The Kat (Mammoth)
Wild Magnolias: Life Is A Carnival (Metro Blue)

Playlist 8/7/1999 CCMS

“August 07, 1999
Wild Magnolias: Tootie Ma (Metro Blue)
Flavor Kings: Sugar Shack (Funky Krown)
Clifton Chenier: Joe Blond (Just a Memory)
Batiste Bros: New Orleans Music (Artang)
Lenny McDaniel: Lord Knows I Try (Cafe Au Lait)
Kipori Baby Wolf Woods: Smokin That Fire (Baby Wolf)
Willie West: Got To Cut You Loose (Willie West)
Snooks Eaglin: Yours Truly (Blacktop)
Huey P. Smith: Don’t You Just Know It (Rhino)
Pete Fountain: My Blue Heaven (Decca)
Marcia Bal: Something I can’t Do (Rounder)
Neville Bros: Wild Indians (A&M)
subdudes: Sugar Pie (High Street)
Radiators: Red Dress (Epic)
Timothea: Done Got Over (Blue Soul)
L’il Malcolm: Donkey (Maison Del Soul)
Klezmer Allstars: Mr. 9 O’Clock (Shanachie)
Meters: 9 til 5 (Instant)
Flaming Arrows: Hell Out The Way (Mardi Gras)
Dr. John: Party Hellfire (Virgin)
Soul Rebels: Do It For The Rebel (Tuff City)
Dirty Dozen: Feet Cant Fail Me Now (Schanachie)
Harry Connick Jr: Come By Me (Columbia)
Kermit Ruffins: Rosetta (Justice)
Roland Stone: Sick & Tired (Orleans)
Earl King: I’ll Take You Back Home (Blacktop)
Katie Webster: Two Fisted Mama (Blacktop)
Dirty Dozen: Unclean Water (Mammoth)
Michael Foster Project: Kick Some Brass (Rampart)”